Apple Watch diagnoses an 80-year-old woman who was not detected in the hospital in cardiac ischemia

Over the years, the utility of ECG on the Apple Watch proves even more valuable. A case at the University Medical Center in Mainz, Germany, provides another reason in favor of the apple clock. Thanks to the device, coronary ischemia has been detected in an 80-year-old woman. Most surprisingly, a test at the hospital couldn’t identify the problem.

A coronary ischemia overlooked

The European Heart Journal (via 9to5Mac) thus kicks off this old woman’s case. A 12-lead electrocardiogram is the usual test for measuring the electrical activity of your heart. To do this, ten electrodes are placed around the body in a certain way.

Performing this test requires a conventional electrocardiograph found in a «cart». The system records the results, displays them on a screen, and prints them for consultation. It is a test that requires «hunting» the anomaly in the heart at the moment the heart is being monitored. Therefore, it is very possible that it will be overlooked if it does not manifest itself in those moments.

Apple Watch user showed doctors the results performed through her watch’s ECG, performed when she noticed a series of ectopic heartbeats. It was with these tests that they detected evidence of the patient’s ischemia.

A coronary ‘stent’ for a discharge the next day

According to this publication, the patient went to the catheterization lab where a stent was placed in the coronary artery.

The European Heart Journal ensures that «the development of new smart technologies open the way to new forms of diagnostics». For this institution, the Apple Watch not only detects the atrial fibrillation officially promoted by Apple, but can also detect myocardial ischemia. This isn’t the first time a user has been able to detect abnormalities in their heart thanks to the Apple Watch. Since Series 4 and now with the Apple Watch Series 5, we’ve seen numerous cases.

Just over a year ago, Stanford University published a paper about detecting atrial fibrillation of the watch. Shortly thereafter, a «skeptical» user about the reliability of the watch discovered that he had this disease. But the chances of detecting abnormalities are not reduced to a-fib, but other heart conditions can also be detected, even benign ones.

Other tests indicate that you are at the height of a 12-lead ECG. What stands out most about this feature is that it can be performed in 30 seconds anywhere in the world, without requiring going to a hospital and remaining «tied» to an electrocardiogram.

Apple is currently only officially detected by signs of atrial fibrillation. All other diseases are not indicated after a test, but they can be shown to a doctor through export in PDF format.

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