Coolpad Torino: a great touch of customization

Coolpad Torino

We analyze the Coolpad Torino, a mid-range mobile and for sale exclusively in Media Markt designed for users looking for privacy, security and good value for money.

An «eye-catching» design

At Computer Hoy we have had the opportunity to carry out the analysis of coolpad Torino, the «big brother» of the Coolpad Torino S that we analyzed in May. This smartphone has some really unique virtues but in the design, precisely the section that we are dealing with now, is where it comes out the worst standing. Beyond this includes some features that have really surprised us and we will discuss later.

Let’s start with what he looks like. We have our hands the white and gold Coolpad Torino, a combination of colors that, although not our favorite, we understand that it has its audience. You know: there’s nothing written about tastes. This mobile is built of plastic, but has a metal frame that brings solidity to the whole. It does not convey the feeling of being a cheap mobile, on the contrary, you can perceive quality to the touch.

In terms of dimensions, it is 154 millimeters high, 76’5 wide and 8’7 thick. At the top we find the mini jack port for headphones and the removable tray for the MicroSD card and the nano SIM (or Dual SIM). On the left side is the volume button, easily accessible with your index finger. At the base of the phone is located the microUSB port and the main microphone. Finally, on the right side, there is the unlock button.

The back is covered by a slightly curved white plastic piece. Here is located the main camera next to an LED Flash, a fingerprint sensor and the cancellation mic. Below the Coolpad logo we also find the main speaker, a decision that we think is wrong because the sound is dampened by resting the smartphone on a surface.

On the front of the Torino stands out the screen, a component that works perfectly but includes a very unsightly black frame. On the other hand, there is also the selfie camera, the headset for calls, proximity and brightness sensors and, finally, a notification LED.

Generally speaking, the design of the Coolpad Torino is up to expectations, especially because of the robustness it conveys to the touch. It is a very solid mobile and the metal frame adds a very interesting premium finisher, but the black edge of the screen and the color scheme we did not like.


The Coolpad Torino’s display reaches a 5’5-inch diagonal and features an HD-resolution IPS panel. It is not the star component of this terminal, but it is fair to note that the resolution, brightness and colors are very well compensated. It really works great to have a resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

As we commented, the main drawback of the screen is the black frame, a very common feature in Chinese smartphones. In our opinion this detracts from the design quality, we prefer bezeless mobiles (as smartphones without black border are now known). Everything is fine in its right measure, but the frame of the Torino screen exceeds 3’5 millimetres and we think it is excessive.

Beyond the aesthetic look, the HD panel appears to be FullHD. At no time have we distinguished the pixels, not even approaching the screen scrupulously. We can talk about impeccable definition, although we miss some extra nits that add more strength to the shine.

The IPS panel represents slightly pale colors. Nothing troubling, but it shows when compared to other leading smartphone screens. Maybe it would have been a good one to raise the temperature and saturation of the colors a little bit. However, the value for money of Coolpad Torino is still very good.

On the other hand, the display is protected with 2.5D glass, a feature that we see in many other terminals that are coming to market. It is true that the feeling to the touch is very pleasant, it is certainly a point in favor, but we are not clear that contribution, in addition to the purely aesthetic, brings to this terminal.

Software, the big hit

The software is the star section of the Torino. The company has done a great job in terms of software, not so much because of the effort it has put into details (which has not done so) but for the number of extra applications and functionalities that come pre-installed.

Includes Android 5.1.1 under Coolpad’s Cool UI 8.0 graphical interface. This smartphone does not hide, or cannot hide, its Chinese origin. In this analysis of Coolpad Torino we find rock translations and themes more suitable for Asian audiences. In this sense, the software left us with a bittersweet feeling.

However, the Torino integrates a function that completely distinguishes it from all its competence: Dual Space. In essence, it is a secondary desktop, completely apart from the main one, in which everything we do (photos, messages, contacts, documents…) will be encrypted and cannot be accessed from an external source.

In short, it’s like we have two completely independent mobiles on one device. If we press the «private space» icon we will enter a completely different interface, where the main system settings such as: screen lock, sounds, wallpapers…

Dual space even allows us to have a secondary profile of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and another WhatsApp account, Skype, Live…

We believe that private space is a feature that totally sets it apart from other smartphones. Users concerned about privacy and security will find in this feature a very interesting appeal. For example, it is one of the few terminals that allow us to have two active WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

We have also been surprised (for the better) by all customization options, such as wallpapers or transition effects between Android screens. It is true that some designs are unattractive, but you have to positively appreciate the variety and freedom when customizing the phone.

Among the pre-installed utilities, there is a widget to clean up volatile memory easily and an application (Cool Butler) to manage all the technical issues of the Torino: cleaning apps, power manager, blocking and filtering calls, monitoring the flow of data… a complete software, very useful and intuitive, that allows us to control the smartphone from the same interface. Another point in favor of Coolpad.

Unlike other mobiles of the same range the Coolpad Torino comes packed with tools and applications: recorder, radio, calculator and all Google by-products. Whether this is positive or negative depends on the tastes of each user, but it is true that, of the 16 GB of storage 8 GB are occupied by the software.

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