How to fix Bluetooth connection errors with mice, keyboards and other devices

The Bluetooth connection allows us to pair devices with devices and also with peripherals. On iMacs, without going any further, the mouse or trackpad, as well as the keyboard, are connected via Bluetooth. In general it is a technology that works perfectly, but when it shows some fault it is quite complicated to know why it fails and how to fix it.

Diagnostic menu to the rescue

The options that we normally test when a Bluetooth device has a connection failure are, in general, to turn it off and back on, restart the computer or disconnect and reconnect the device. When all this fails we will use slightly more powerful systems: the Bluetooth diagnostic menu.

The first thing we have to do is make sure that in the menu bar we see the one that corresponds to Bluetooth. We will do this with these steps:

From the Apple menu, we choose System Preferences.

We’re on Bluetooth.

Turn on the Show Bluetooth option in the menu bar.

At first glance this menu allows us to connect the different linked devices, disconnect them, activate or deactivate the Bluetooth antenna itself or access the preferences panel. If you want to see more options, you just have to hold the alt/option key while clicking on the menu. When you do this, you will see additional information, such as the MAC address of the module and whether visible mode is enabled. Let’s go one step further and access the diagnostic menu.

We hold shift (-) + alt/option (-)
Click the Bluetooth menu.

When you do this, you’ll see that the Debug option appears in the menu, which offers you three options: Reset the Bluetooth module, Reset to factory settings on all connected Apple devices, and Delete all devices. Before proceeding, a note of the utmost importance for all of us who use a computer whose keyboard and mouse/trackpad is connected via Bluetooth: it is important that we have a mouse or keyboard that connects by cable to control the computer if something fails with Bluetooth.

How we use the Diagnostics menu

The options are self-explanatory, trying to resolve some connection error first we will try to remove all devices and reconnect them. If you still follow the error, we will try to reset the factory settings on all connected Apple devices, in this case it is important that the device that gives connection errors is currently connected to the Mac so that the computer can send you the reset order.

Finally, the option to reset the Bluetooth module, which we will use as a last resort, allows us to completely reset the bluetooth connection of our Mac. After doing so we will have to restart the Mac and reconnect the peripherals, important here to have a mouse or keyboard with cable to be able to continue interacting with the computer.

In 98% of the cases I’ve seen in formations these steps resolve any connection anomalies with Bluetooth. It should be said that if the error persists it is best to contact Apple (900 150 503) for possible hardware repair. As with many components of our computer we do not even remember that it is there until it does something rare and, although it is rare with Bluetooth connections, if we need to repair a connection we will have the necessary tools.

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