Kards, the world war II card game that will break into iOS and iPadOS this year

Digital card games have a special place on my list of considerations. They are casual, relaxed and even fun, their games last a few minutes and can be played from iPhones and especially from iPads. Apple tablets are the perfect board to play titles like Hearthstone.

That’s why I find the future arrival of Kards to iOS interesting, a free card game that is picking up good impressions on Windows since it first gave its first ponytails in 2017 and has been released steadily just two weeks ago. What’s most interesting to me is that this time we move away from fantasies, spells, dragons and warriors: Kards is set in world war II.

Battles from 80 years ago on our devices

In the game we can choose between several powers that fought in the war, such as the Japanese, the German axis, the United Kingdom or the United States. Each will have its special advantages with units and so-called order cards, which must be played on the board that symbolizes the war front.

Kards is for the moment free, but somehow or another you will have to throw some additional payment advantage in order to sustain yourself as a business. So if iOS and iPadOS apps are free, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the purchase of additional cards or access to official paid tournaments. Anyway, Kards looks really good and many numbers to be installed on my iPad as soon as it comes out.

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