Some office apps are updated: Ignore messages in Outlook and Face ID in Google Drive

During yesterday several office apps available for our iPhone or iPad were updated with new features that, although they may seem small, bring significant improvements. We’re mainly talking about Microsoft Outlook, the mail client and Google Drive, the file management app.

Microsoft Outlook: Ignore Conversation

The latest Outlook mail client update, Microsoft Outlook, brings us an interesting novelty: the ability to ignore a conversation. When we talk about conversation we talk about the entire chain of emails including all their answers as long as they have the same subject. With this new feature we can mute the responses to everyone to a specific email.

Microsoft describes the functionality in the following terms:

Tired of that company-wide email everyone’s still responding to? So do we. Focus on what’s important, take mail and all future responses out of your inbox and take it directly to deleted items with our new Ignore Conversation feature.

A feature that, while we already find in the Mail app, which is available on all Apple devices, will undoubtedly be welcomed by many users who check the mail through the Microsoft app.

Google Drive: Code and Face ID

Google Drive, the app that allows us to interact with the storage that Google offers with its accounts, has also received a small but interesting novelty. In this version the app allows us to block its contents with a password that we can then use Face ID to enter.

In addition, thanks to the Privacy screen feature, the app’s content will not appear when we see the apps in our multitasking. We can adjust the time lapse between leaving the app and the app crashes. By default the span is 0, i.e. it crashes immediately, but we can choose between 10 seconds, one minute or 10 minutes.

As users it is clear that these small details can make an important difference. It is to be appreciated that, little by little, functions are being added and the different apps are polished.

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