With the Coolpad Torino S you will have an excellent camera

A nice and well-functioning smartphone. That’s what the Coolpad Torino S promises to offer, the latest terminal that the Chinese manufacturer has released in Spain. Its appearance is that of a mid-range mobile, as well as its performance and fluidity.

A smartphone you’ll like to show

The landing of Coolpad in Spain has been as expected, with a determined commitment to economical mid-range smartphones. Like other Asian firms, it comes with its own highly optimized and visual version of Android.

Like the Coolpad Modena, the Coolpad Torino S comes with an Italian city name. It’s not the only thing they look like: their design is highly attractive, more so than that of their little brother.

The first impression this terminal makes cannot be better. It is slightly similar to some Nexus models, which is a guarantee of quality, at least in terms of design.

This mobile phone moves more in the mid or medium-high range. Its specifications can be considered above average, so they will satisfy both less demanding users and those who want to have a powerful mobile at a good price. To top it all off, we’re talking about a mobile phone with Dual SIM, which is common on Chinese mobiles.

However, not everything is a path of roses, and in the analysis of the Coolpad Torino S we have encountered some drawbacks that it is difficult to overlook. You will have to put them on a scale along with the advantages of this terminal to decide whether it is good value for money or not.

Aesthetically flawless appearance

Despite having a totally plastic coverage, the Coolpad Torino S does not convey at all the feeling of being an economical mobile, rather the opposite. Its relatively small size and rounded design give it a very harmonious look.

As usual, the headphone jack is located in the upper area, while the charger connector is located on the top. Neither protrudes, nor does the removable tray in which the Micro SIM and MicroSD cards are inserted.

For the removal of the trays, the Coolpad Torino S brings a specific pin. It’s really easy to handle them, something you can’t say about all the Dual SIM phones that incorporate this system.

The volume and on/off button assembly is good enough that they don’t dance when pressed. They respond well to pressure and, like the whole phone, have a very nice feel.

Return at 4.7 inches

The first fiasco of this review of coolpad Torino S we take it when we turn on the screen. 4.7 inches and with an IPS LCD panel, should be more than enough, slightly separating from the current market trend and the Coolpad Modena, which did have a larger panel.

However, although the measurements on the screen are sufficient, the feeling it conveys is misleading. Off, it seems to be bigger than it is, but when you turn it on you can see an exaggerated black frame around it that noticeably shaves the look of the Coolpad Torino S.

From the mobile body, only 64% is occupied by the screen. The resolution is 720p, enough if you do not demand the best quality to enjoy audiovisual content. Or it should be, as this data added to the little brightness of the panel makes the screen look worse than it really is.

312 pixels per inch do not represent a new record, much less, but are within the range that is considered within the mid-range.

The quality of the color is another negative aspect, probably the only one that cannot be overlooked. Even with the shine to the fullest, colors that should stand out don’t. They seem slightly off and faded, making the user experience lasrated.

Compared to other mobiles with similar features, the Coolpad Torino S’s display leaves a lot to be desired. Acceptable features are tarnished by two details that could have been filed in advance.

Good performance without bragging

The power of coolpad Torino S is not extraordinary. Although it has 2 GB of RAM, a noteworthy data, the processor is a Snapdragon 410 quad-core at 1.2GHz. This chip is more than when running normal tasks with the mobile phone, but suffers when it comes to running 3D graphics.

It is certainly a power-to-processor. Despite the reduced ability to process complex graphics, you can play many of the games available on the Play Store. Sonic Dash, Real Football 2016 or Asphalt 8, for example, three of those we tested to perform this analysis of the Coolpad Torino S.

You may encounter problems loading these games, as well as other apps that require a high capacity, but it will only be during charging when you notice lag on your phone. Immediately your performance recovers.

Its GPU is an Adreno 306, and in the internal memory section has 16 GB, expandable in a discreet 32 GB, very little capacity if you plan to store videos and photos in high resolution.

Coolpad Torino S performance tests performed with AnTuTu Benchmark show the expected results. It is not even close to mid-range-high-end mobiles like the Meizu M3. It lags behind in a fairly low position, testing the low power of its processor and hardware.

The worst results you get in the section of 3D graphics, the aspect that costs you the most. However, when assessing the performance of the Coolpad Torino S, other aspects must be taken into account, in addition to the capacity of its processor or RAM. Optimization also has a lot to do with fluidity.

CoolUI gives the chest

The firmware of the Coolpad Torino S is its own version of Android based on Lollipop 5.1. It’s called CoolUI and it works pretty well. It guarantees the stability of the system and turns it into a mobile that works fast and fluid, responding instantly when it comes to executing actions and opening apps.

In addition, CoolUI is highly customizable. You can install themes from an app that comes pre-installed with your device, although the theme that comes with the standard is already aesthetically appealing in itself.

The Torino S has no application drawer. Like Huawei or Xiaomi, it has several desktops on which applications accumulate. You can easily hide the ones you don’t want to see in a single folder to download icons the screen.

The buttons occupy a small stripe at the bottom of the screen, which together with the status bar and notifications further reduces their size. That’s why the Coolpad allows you to hide all three buttons whenever you want. Just move them down or up with your finger.

Among the various apps and services that it brings pre-installed, the option to program the power off and on, in case you want to save battery in the evenings. The screen can be awakened with a few taps, although the sensitivity of it when it is at rest leaves a lot to be desired.

Another feature of the terminal is the Touchpal keyboard, slightly different from those that we are used to android and other mobile manufacturers. It has direct access to the emoticons. The size and height can change, in case you find it too small.

In general, CoolUI’s aesthetic is reminiscent of MIUI, but also iOS. Especially the settings are suspiciously reminiscent of those of Apple devices.

One of the most repeated problems during the Analysis of the Coolpad Torino S is the occasional difficulty in unlocking the mobile with the fingerprint reader. If you don’t get it with the first attempt, successive ones will be more complicated, so you’ll have to use your password or PIN to unlock it.

A battery to not abuse

1.800mAh battery did not promise too much prominent results. At this point in 2016, having the use given to smartphones, is a really small amount of battery, so the autonomy of the Coolpad Torino S is seriously reduced.

The battery suffers especially when using apps that require an Internet connection. Social networks and services like Youtube drain the battery in leaps and bounds, so you’d better stay away from the plug too far.

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